The ripenning process of caminos del sol’s plantain

In the majority of times, plantain is produced, grown and ripped, in regions which ambient temperature reaches even 40°C (104°F).

The ripening process in those places at such high temperatures is very quick, not allowing a full development of flavor, color, texture and aroma.

Caminos Del Sol’s factory is located in the province of Cartago, Costa Rica, at an altitude of 1700 METERS ABOVE SEA LEVEL, allowing a NATURAL temperature oscillation of 14°C to 19°C with the right wind circulation in the ripening rooms, and without refrigeration. Making the RIPPENING PROCESS SLOWER, and as a result, a FULL DEVELOPMENT OF FLAVOR, COLOR, TEXTURE AND AROMA.

Thanks to the process we have called SLOW RIPENNING; our Prefried Frozen Plantains are a real experience of our Latin roots.