Our Company was founded in 1993 in the province of Cartago, Costa Rica, with the idea of using the extensive plantations in the area to produce pre-fried frozen potatoes. It soon became evident that the enormous potential of the area and the country in general in the field of fruit and vegetables, would mark our tendency to diversify our product portfolio.

Today, in our 3.000 m² plant we process a large variety of vegetables and tropical fruits in different ways. In addition, we have the ideal conditions and equipment to package and offer our product in the following forms:

  • Fresh
  • Frozen by two I.Q.F. Lines
  • Canned
  • And Preserved

We work under H.A.C.C.P. quality standards and have N.S.F. and Kosher accreditation. Similarly, we initiated the process for the quality certificate AIB International in 2010. At Caminos del Sol we both sale to some of the most recognized companies in Costa Rica such as UNILEVER, El Angel and SARDIMAR, and also export most of our production to USA, Europe and Central America.